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 UIQ / UIQ3 phones
 randelicious: UIQ/UIQ3 User Discussion (UPDATED 1ST POST)
 randelicious: [TUT] How To Access your UIQ3 phone's Nand/Drive C: (Hack your UIQ Phone here)
 kimbaduds: Hacking TuT for Uiq/Sym.OS 9.x users.. UPDATED *Sep 2010*
 randelicious: My Games Collection
 Blade23: help how to openline k810i
 randelicious: Flash Repair of UIQ phones using XS++ 3.1 Darwin
 darklouise: [REQUEST] P990i CorePlayer NotCRACKed
 Jikmang18: pa hack ng nokia 6120c
 jervie26: mga master pahingi naman mga application nyo for P1i.
 jopax76: help po pa tut how to update my p990i
 remotexxx: [help] can't install applications on my P990i
 Fredexion: Saan po dito ang thread ng mga china phones?
 karuma: Symbian UIQ3 apps w/ nes emulator (03/22/10)
 nightmare: Help! Di na nagboot yung p990i ko!
 gizzmo: P990i Users UIQ3 users pls Help
 tulporats: ''MeDiA pLayEr'' MOD for UIQ'' [WinDows11mediaplayer]
 cyped: [Help]Dead p1i
 randelicious: Big Keyboard for P990i
 jervie26: pa help naman mga master sa pag mod ng P1i ko.
 kerjboy: vpn para sa mga uiq3
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