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 aED: SmartBuddy/SmartBro/TalknText Users update thread
 aED: How to PROPERLY post for support
 aED: Not allowed applications in PD-Proxy
 aED: Globe/TM Users update thread v2
 aED: PD-Proxy for android - aka DroidVPN
 aED: PD-Proxy Official thread (Announcement and need to know (for newbies)) - PART 2
 junix_tech: Compatible & Not Compatible ANTIVIRUS with PD-Proxy Info Here!
 aED: PD-Proxy Knowledgebase
 aED: Announcement - Service Interruption 8/14/2012-8/15/2012
 aED: To all users from Nigeria
 aED: Info on "Bandwidth limit reached" on premium accounts.
 aED: PD-Proxy Changelogs
 aED: Config file, Certificate and key or manual settings of PD-Proxy and DroidVPN.
 aED: To all RESELLERS please read before posting!
 aED: Para sa mga nagbabalak mag premium!
 aED: Current Status of PD-Proxy
 aED: How to apply as PD-Proxy Reseller?
 aED: README before posting!
 annapotpot: PD-Proxy Terms of Use
 aED: My PD-Proxy account was suspended! What should I do?
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