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 Introduce yourself
 WishMaster: [MUST READ] Newbie Guide lines. Updated 23 Dec 2010
 pot-pot-pot: welcome saken
 Pyro18: Newbie :)
 ytbee: Salamat sa pag accept mga ka pinoyden :)
 skyromann2k20: bago lang po
 camcamcode08: Bagong Kasapi
 mr.noobs: Welcome back to me
 shnlord: Hello po salahat at maraming salamat sa pag tangap newbie here
 idealguy: Bago lang po
 HATE: Hi po
 CaPaRaL: Newbie here
 adriane14: Nagbabalik na naman tayo
 Elsyan5000: Newbie
 jeclover18: Em Back :lol:
 JeZues: NOOB
 Innumanati: Newbie
 Fortress211: Newbie
 dodie2g: Hello Pinoyden!
 borokot27: Its nice to be back 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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