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[SHARE]Opmod421b14hui203SkinMod Ichigo(BLEACH) blue themesAndSakuragi(SlamDunk)red themes
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Obat37: 9 years ago
I would like to share this Opmod421b14hui203
Ichigo(BLEACH) blue themes
Sakuragi(SlamDunk)red themes

Quote from:
Change log:
 of Opera Mini Mod v.4.21.14 (20936)
added to delete the list of download and download
Hot "Quick Navigation" is available in the templates.
Changing the processing system for quick
navigation links.
In the file manager, if you can not rename the file,
then renaming is repeated by file transfer.
The choice of language in the settings view shifted
to the bottom.
Number of bookmarks in the express panel
increased. Changed menu Express panel.
Optimization of direct input field.
Changes in a shift elements stylus.
Change of user-mode algorithm.
In the image viewer commands are displayed at
the opening of a new image or pressing "*" or by
holding the stylus.
Edit search.
Edit interface depending on the size of the size of
Edit to rename the second virtual panel file
Edit display of "small" window with the text overlay
(memory, auto-reload ...).
Edit function dependence on the size of interface
When you create a new folder in the file manager,
if the cursor was on location, the proposed name
had slash at the end.
In the image viewer is not treated with the change
of screen size.
Slave function tabs are not prepared to move tabs.
Coverage the use of graphic pack from previous
Recovery command OK found in the menu on the
bottom bar of the text after using the \ screen (all).
Edit open links in background tab when navigating.

download zip
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Download JAR



For more useful
Shortcut function
Goto Menu >Settings >Navigation >edit shortcut

heres my shortcut settings

1. Start Page/#, 4
2. History/#, 5
3. Enter Address/#, 1
4. Enables Use Any (Not Only
Latin) Characters Both in the
Addresses and Input
5. Tool-tips from URL/Empty
6. Forward/#, #
7. Find .../Empty
8. Open/Empty
9. Delete/Empty
10. Save/Empty
11. Download/1
12. Add to Down. List/Empty
13. Down. Window/#, 9
14. File Manager/9
15. Change FM Panel/Empty
16. FTP-Manager/Empty
17. Built-in Browser/3
18. Bookmarks/#, 2
19. Bookmark/Empty
20. Add Bookmark/#, 7
21. Add Link/Empty
22. Page Info/#, 6
23. Reload/#, 0
24. AutoReload/Empty
25. Copy Page/Empty
26. Insert Page/Empty
27. New Window/*, <U>
28. Open in New Window/Empty
29. Open in Bkgr
30. Prev. Window/*, <L>
31. Next Window/*,<R>
32. Move Left/Empty
33. Move Right/Empty
34. Panel:Windows/Empty
35. Close Window/*, <D>
36. First, Search in Cache/Empty
37. Fix/Empty
38. Clear Cache/7
39. Windows .../Empty
40. Load Images/Empty
41. Custom Screen Size
42. Save Image/Empty
43. Save All Images/Empty
44. Screenshoot/#, 3
45. Go to Top/Bottom/Text
46. Text:Screen/#, <L>
47. Text:Page/#, <R>
48. Copy/Paste/Empty
49. Copy link/Empty
50. Alt. Input Field/Empty
51. Settings/#, 8
52. Version/Empty
53. Screen Rotation/*, #
54. Show/Hide Bar/*, *
55. FullScreen (On/Off)/Empty
56. User Mode (limited
57. Context Menu/Empty
58. Traffic/Memory/Empty
59. Clear Memory/Empty
60. Locked Keys/#
61. Minimize/Empty
62. Joystick Left/Empty
63. Joystick Up/Empty
64. Joystick Right/Empty
65. Joystick Down/Empty
66. Joystick Fire/Empty
67. *Duplicate Soft Keys/Empty
68. Left Soft (Without
  • ,
  • )/Empty

69. Right Soft (Without
  • ,
  • )/Empty

70. Mobile View/Empty
71. Search/Empty
72. Direct Input Text/#, <D>
73. Show Shadow/Empty
74. All Links/Empty
75. Select text/#, <U>
76. Show cursor on all
77. Quick Navigation links/0

settings for globe

1. front query:
[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
wag ng galawin yun ibang query

*after installing

2. Go to


Disable Socket


accespoint settings:
Apn : [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
ip :
port: 8080

for smart
Just use your favorite working FreebrowseTrick for the settings

Credit to
* (483.08 kB - downloaded 1398 times.)
* (490.02 kB - downloaded 1001 times.)
* Opmod421b14hui203_ichigo-skin.jar (483.08 kB - downloaded 1261 times.)
* Opmod421b14hui203_sakuragi-skin.jar (490.02 kB - downloaded 926 times.)
rodelme1932: 9 years ago
galing talaga boss :thumbsup: boss di makita SS ni sakuragi ;D tsaka wala parin pala yung files :)
Obat37: 9 years ago
yan ok na ... puro kasi pang symbian skinning na eh
kawawa naman kaming javaphone users
at saka paborito ko ang opmod kaya share ko lang
rodelme1932: 9 years ago
yun ok na nga :party: padl din boss ha :ty:
nuwanda: 9 years ago
try ko din to ts, feedback mamaya ung resulta. Thanks!
Racel: 9 years ago
Boss, ano ang key?
komwarior: 9 years ago
[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
Boss, ano ang key?
yun yung button tol na pipindutin.

Patry koya
Obat37: 9 years ago
[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
Boss, ano ang key?

sundin lang po yun intstruction sa activation
Racel: 9 years ago
[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
yun yung button tol na pipindutin.

Patry koya

[You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
eto po ang nilagay ng handlerCoder
i type lang po from right to left

na-Tnx button na, hehe..,nakita ko rin sa post ni boss dzebb
nice skin and splash boss obat..
Obat37: 9 years ago
ok :ty: din sa pag try @kom
troyprinz: 9 years ago
thankz otor.tagal ku na hinahanap to. Hitted na po keep sharing. :)
ditpu: 9 years ago
boss pa try dn po ako thank you paano po makainstall ng zip pwd po palink ng jar kc nd ko alam install ang zip
clydemarson: 9 years ago
Nkakadownload ba to ng bigfiles?
Obat37: 9 years ago
How big?
What network?
Available tricks?

@ditpu ayun may attachment na din
bobolangpoako: 9 years ago
Boss obat, pde po ba akong mag request sayo? editing of o.m splash and skin po.
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