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aED: 9 years ago
We are currently looking for moderators here in Android Zone.


 * User should be knowledgeable about android phones.
 * Must have at least 1000 helpful posts
 * Active here in android zone
 * Must actively report threads that needs to be moderated

If you are interested please post in this page and explain why do you think we should promote you as a moderator.

You should also start reporting threads for us to be able to determine if you are suitable to be a moderator. (NOTE: Tamang report po hindi yun basta kung ano anong threads ang irereport nyo)

Warning: Off-topic posts will be deleted and will be given 10% warning. So post only if you are really interested.
jaiconruedas: 9 years ago
All these posts in this thread would be deleted as it all did not stay in topic.

You don't need to be moderator to share your knowledge, support and help our fellow pd member. That alone can be done as regular member. If you are willing to help, you dont need position.

User should be knowledgeable about android phones.
As listed, you should have knowledge in Android, at least basic and must follow up to date trend. But its not enough, you must have sound and objective decsion making, knowledge in our Forum Rules in every way and excellent rapport among Android users.

Must have at least 1000 helpful posts
This requirement is to measure camaraderie, activity and willingness a of a candidate. 1000 post is enough to give the impression that you can stay in this forum and 100% willing to moderate. Dedication is the word.

Active here in android zone
What is the use of being moderator if you can't monitor all activity in this sub forum? If you know what does it mean.

If you post here without much thinking, then you should doubt yourself for wanting as moderator.

Sir aED, just posted this to inform and to clarify these and future posters and to avoid misconceptions and hogwash replies . It is, this must be posted or never.  Thank you and Godbless.
12icson: 8 years ago
help po kung paano i unroot galaxy mini
weedz021: 8 years ago
ako pwede moderator
Active ako pagdating d2.. sa mga freenet
at gumagawa din ako ng moded na opera mini at uc browser
 :pacman: :bat:

Email me on Facebook: (kapag approve po sa inyo)
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[pahabol pa] Android OS ako..Myphone A818i Duo..
Kung cnu nakakaalam kong pano iroot ang myhpone A818i Duo pa message nalang sa FB koh ... {thanks}
Lloydismael: 8 years ago
PahaboL Aed!  :D
ako pwede moderator.
For Android Fbt/ubt
di madamot sa Tut. :kawali:
MaLaria: 8 years ago
Subukan ko din walang mawawala
Im LG P350 User
Active dito sa Android lalo sa threads ko na kahit hindi akin
Eh gumagawa naman ako ng mgs sarili kong tutorial lalo sa mga Querries ng mga members
KyleMJ: 8 years ago
ako pwede ba sir :-)

matulungin sa nangangailangan :-D
 knowledgeable sa android at symbian  :-) 

Datu: 8 years ago
I want to remove Multimedia Zone in my area of responsibility kapalit ng board na ito bossing..

mas natututukan ko ang board na ito dahil...
  • I'm using android phone (sg s3mini) jelly bean.
  • above average with android operating system.
  • having my private tutorials in android software development/programming (hope to release my first hello world application.)
  • willing to test any uploaded games and applications.
  • lastly, being a moderator of this site for almost 4 years, I'm very nuch familiar with the rules of the site and moderation stuff.

.ill post other reasons why I want this board to be part of my aor sa moderator's lounge.. tnx bossing
jeffrox101: 8 years ago
Can i join?
Always checking the android zone for gossips, tricks and applications...
Almost 7 days a week online.. hehe ganun talaga houseband kesa tumambay sa kanto. ;D

CM flare/alcatel one touch user
CLC-TARGET: 8 years ago
apply din ako walang mawawala active usser din ako dito sa android apps and dating admin sa isang ring community site di ko na eemention yung site :)
samsung tab p6200 usser :)
AZER[CF]MARK: 8 years ago
pahabol ako bossing,gusto ko din makatulong,im using cloudfone ice350e ,pero kung hindi ako pwede,ok lang.pwede naman tumulong ng walang position.
go0gleako: 8 years ago
ang taas naman kasi ng qualification tsktsk  :p
kev1234: 8 years ago
Ako adik sa games ng android. Basta android alam ko lahat. Lahat din mga kabilang pinoy site andun ako. Pwede akong maging spy sa kanila o double agent.
conyo22: 7 years ago
ako marunong ako mag bukas ng cellphone  magaling din ako gumawa ng application po sa android.
saddest_surrender: 7 years ago
ako gmgwa ako ng games para android..
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