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richard07: 9 years ago
lets improve our english sentences to completing a chain story you can post any type of sentences to complete that story!  lets begin it now !
I . . woke up early in the morning . . . .
komwari: 9 years ago
And I found myself naked. :o
Jhaypz: 9 years ago
under the nipa hut :lmao: then something bit me on my...
john_paul: 9 years ago
neck and i saw a snake in my
komwari: 9 years ago
brief. But its not actually a snake. Then I went out of the hut and met an.......
violee08: 9 years ago
ugly woman,.she grabbed the so-called snake in my brief and
peterpalanas: 9 years ago
I found that it was only just a dream.
Jhaypz: 9 years ago
When I woke up, I noticed that...
komwari: 9 years ago
 my pants are wet. So  I rushed to the bathroom and took a...
violee08: 9 years ago
shower. .i washed my entire body and
peterpalanas: 9 years ago
immediately go out and take..
Magicearlz: 9 years ago
A new pair of jeans and without hesitation i put it on . But suddenly....
komwari: 9 years ago
 one of our maids stops me from wearing my clothes then she pushed me towards the bed. I fell down and ohhh.. What the.....
lithium: 9 years ago
i almost shouted "rape" :ohno: but inday said: "shhh" so i,
vAnS28: 9 years ago
buy cobra energy drink and started a walf from tuguegarao to
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