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[Updated]Rules in Posting in Mobile Discussion.
kryshimura: 13 years ago
* Use the search button first before posting. Dont be like a spoon fed baby.

* Advertising other site that requires registration and is similar to pd is strictly not allowed (subject to warning or banning)

* Give the full details of your post.

* Thank the thread starter using the thanks button. Thank you post will be automatically deleted

* All links must be coded.

* Put a proper Tag in your post.

* Any posted tutorial must give the full details and steps.

* No sms like posting and nonsense reply.

* No mulitple threads/ No Spamming.

* Do not attach/upload applications here in mobile discussions , all application should post in mobile application board

- For your queries...PM any online moderator
- Failure to comply...thread will be trashed

kryshimura: 13 years ago
Posting Guidelines

As much as possible Use the following TAGS in writing the Subject/Title of your new post.
     [TUT]  - Tutorial
     [FYI]   - Additional Information
Updated by RDC

Note: [REQ] Request and [HELP] Help topic is not available in Mobile Discussions
Eugz: 11 years ago
1 posting guidline added :ty:
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