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MoD Requests and UBT/FBT Section Hidden
aED: 13 years ago
Hi PinoyDenians

Thats right MoD Requests and UBT/FBT Section Section is now only accessible by users with 20 posts 5 posts (Updated 06-14-09) and above this decision was made because of some unwanted events that happened in the past few days it is also one way of preventing other members that just ask for requests on our MoD Team members then they will just leave after getting their request without saying thank you and what's worst they are sharing it to other sites claiming that they did all the hardwork... :bat:

I hope this will not discouraged you to still visit our forum instead it should inspire you to share and help more to our fellow members.

PS: Alam ko na nasa isip nyo so what mag spam nalang ako para sa 10 posts! Wag naman po sana kasi for sure idedelete din po namin pag may nakikita kaming nagsspam lang ang ginagawa...
boyagila080: 12 years ago
You may post your comments here.

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aED: 9 years ago
Board is no longer hidden.
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