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Haunted Place
vhonskall: 3 years ago

So.. this is my place.
I've kept it for many years, sure it was once a good place to live at.
It's founded by the love and care that nurtured by my parents and grandparents when I was growing up.
Added colors by my kins and my friends and good acquaintances I've met along the way.
It was a good foundation, I tell you.
this place became bigger, like it could fit the whole world and everyone who will come here.

Years passed and I let my puppy love be in this place too.
by that time, it wasn't serious though, it's all fun and happiness and she added good changes in here.
We grew up, grew apart but she kept that place in order.

Then here comes my first love..
She made a lot of changes back here.
She added things I never knew I would enjoy.
Over the months, little by little, she took up spaces, and added more things in every corner..
But she left me for a guy without even telling me,
I tried to win her back because she made this place a home.
after two months, I found out that that guy knocked her up.
I was furious.
I threw the things she left behind.
That's the broken things left in the corner. And the ashes left from what I burned at the other corner.

yes this place was still felt like a home after she left.
I had girlfriends after that.
I let them lived here.
But with limitations.
Sure they broke some things, some were careless.
But to me, it was just minor and usually, they brought some things too.

but like an apartment, they leased then said goodbyes.

Then one girl came and I let her in.
She stayed the longest.
and I just found myself letting her in without boundaries.
Let her brought up whatever she wants..
I let her discover what's in this place. I opened every door one by one.
We had friends come over, and as I have told you, this place is huge.
It was really fun. I could invite and open this place to anyone.

But one by one, my friends became careless.
they thought just because they live here too, they could just break things without me being affected.
I have kept those broken things in one room.
then years goes by, those broken things grew in number. They occupied more than one room.
I can't let you see that, it's a mess in there.

Then the girl stayed the longest broke most of the things here.
Even most of the important parts of this place, she broke.
See that one corner? See that one room or two?
It's unliveable. you can't stay there.
She left this place in chaos.

another girl came, she tried to fix some other things.
She lit up things and make other things here work.
She made this her home.
Sure she broke things like the other girls.
but she fixed more things than she broke them.
and that's more I am thankful for.
But like the other people who stayed here, she left.
and the things she fixed are not functioning anymore.

I tried to clear this place up.
Tidied up a little bit.
But people quickly come and go and left marks behind.
Smeared some things, some even trashed the place.
This place was huge and it became tinier because of things that weren't in place. And the things I didn't threw away.

I got tired cleaning.

Now, I am ready again for someone to live here.
But as I look at it.
It's a shame for someone to live here even if few people want to.
Even if they'll take it as it is.

I looked around..
The faded picture of my girlfriend number 14 is still hanging but it's crooked.
The darted picture of my girlfriend number 27 is still on the wall, and the sight is a sore in the eyes.
The tissues I used for girlfriend number 52 are still scattered.
The hole that my girlfriend number 61 made was never filled.
The crack at the upper part made by girlfriend number 10 was never fixed..
this place is dark, compared to when It was a fun house.
Even the light of the day or the lights of the fireworks every new years eve can't light up this place.

This place is now haunted.
There are too many ghosts living here.
Haunted by the people I let stay in this place who actually never cared cos this isn't theirs.
You can hear the ghosts of the past howling and haunting this place..
This place is ripped apart, burned, crooked, broken, hammered, torn apart.
And I think if someone will stay here and break one more thing, it will completely break apart.
You can almost hear the creek on the floorboard everytime someone even try to step on it.
Yes this place is haunted.
Not just by the ghosts of the past.
But by my own ghost.

And as much as I would like to let someone stay right at this place for now, I should decline.

as they say, for a ghost to be at peace, they should be able to move on.

Let me move on.
Let me clean the place first.
Let me tidy up.
Let me fix the place.
Let me fill the holes.
Let me get rid of the trash, and broken things.
Let me make this whole.
Let me move away for a while to keep things better.

I know you want to stay here right away.
But please wait for now.
Let me make this place a home for you.
For you to stay longer. or the longest.
For you to own this and not just a guest.

I promise you.
It will be worth the wait.
cos as of now, that this place is already falling apart,
You already own this place, called my heart.

By: pinoybutch
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