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Letter to Kristine
10reason: 4 years ago
Do you remember the day that we met personally?
It was the best day in my entire life
Before I depart and travel on my first overseas excapade

Lately that night you said youíve miss me
I told you the same word
Deep inside I know your worried
Itís only three days and I will be back home
That night you feel at ease

I keep on sending pictures on every place I visit
Just to remind you that I am fine
Enjoying every moment of my travel

When the plane arrived safely
I texted you that I am home
Because I know your worried
Everythingís gonna alright now
Because Iím back from my vacation

Now that we are officially in a relationship
I cannot promise you anything
I donít have a fancy car
I donít have a mansion

But one thing I can promise you
I will strive to give you a better life
Im very thankful and blessed
I met a girl like you who is very supportive and kind
Even sometimes Iím having a tantrums
In the end our problem is fading

I wonít ask for anything
One thing that I would never stop saying this
I will love you until my last breath
stuckup24: 4 years ago
:clap: galing naman :clap:
10reason: 4 years ago
Thanks for reading
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