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Softwares to install after installing Linux OS
laudeniold: 2 years ago
This has been my mostly used softwares on my Linux journey.

1. chromium - fast, simple, secure and easy web browser.
2.gimp - adobe photoshop alternative
3.blender - 3d modeling use in creating animations.
4.openshot - video editor
5. if you are a web developer, then you must install apache2, php, mysql client & server, phpmyadmin
6. preload - will help apps to load faster.
7. geany - text editor
8. synaptic - package manager or app store
9. scrot - screenshot utility printscreen key to use
10. xfburn - burning utility
11. xpad - sticky notes
12. vokoscreen - screen recorder
13. vlc - multimedia player
14. winff - multimedia converter
15. gnumeric - spreedhseet
16. gdebi - deb package installer
17. unetbootin - use for making os installer
18. aria2c - download accelerator same with IDM (Internet Download Manager) in Windows.
19. Persepolis (IDM alternative) - uses aria2 which has GUI.
20. git - clone and download source code from github.
21. gnash - swf player
22. etcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.
23. shutter - feature-rich screenshot tool. Easy to use. I like the pixelize tool.
24. nomacs - highly recommend image viewer due to its thumbnail navigation features.
25. mediainfo - You can get information about Audio/Video Codecs and additional information by installing mediainfo. Both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and command-line utilities are available.
26. qshutdown - utility to auto shutdown, reboot, suspend, and hibernate your system at a specific time.

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