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globe No Load 1 tap connect sockip config And shelltun config updated
rich-hard: 1 month ago
must try my config if mabilis sa inyo . not recommended sockip for streaming just use my shelltun config

good for browsing ung sockip

rename .zip file to .asht then import

wag po hit and run comment kung working

* sg 7days (1.23 kB - downloaded 66 times.)
* chard 3 days update.sip (0.61 kB - downloaded 35 times.)
Dark_Heaven23: 1 month ago
thanks! ;D
rheaancajas181: 1 month ago
T.y po
imok25: 1 month ago
connected pero disconnected palagi pero salamat
rich-hard: 1 month ago
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connected pero disconnected palagi pero salamat
cdc talaga yan sa 1:30 broken pipe kasi yan
imok25: 1 month ago
ah ok salamat
mystiko: 1 month ago
may bago na ba? :think:
prettyboy89: 1 month ago
Salamat boss
galletes: 1 month ago
maraming salamat po sa pag share sana dumami po ulit tayo dito para mas maraming mag share
banjovi75: 1 month ago
wala ba boss pang 30 days.
alvin24: 1 month ago
update lodi, salamat narin
jaybee21: 1 month ago
ts expire na po ba ang config? bakit po authentication failed? t.i.a
mystiko: 1 month ago
wala na katay na agad :yawn: :lmao:
badzt: 9 days ago
ty ts :bat:
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