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Earn BHC Thru Postings!
jehejehe: 2 months ago
Good morning ka :pd: share ko lang site na pwedeng kumita ng .5 to 1$ per day depende sa sipag mag post ng user ng mga article. Pwede na pampaload sa online class ng kapatid habang wala pa work :rofl:

just reg here :yes:

Full mechanics: :basa:
Post an article and publish it to garner points wherein 400pts converted to 1$. :ok:
Take note: Points amassed is collectively from this hours only: 8:00 o'clock AM to 8:00 o'clock AM. 24 hours per cut off.
Additional, random sponsors will upvote your article or your any comments and will give you some penny or even above 1$ (some will donate 5$ above once they find your content useful, impormative, unique, and beneficial)
and stands among the thousands of articles posted everyday!

The good thing, it helps you become a responsible writer which is a plus because you will learn English after a long way! :naughty:

All point will be converted to BHC and use your coins.pH account to transfer your earnings. See my proof of earning today for the past 24hours.

Enjoy earning!

* Screenshot_20200914-075426.png (37.2 kB, 258x613 - viewed 3 times.)

* Screenshot_20200914-113326.png (30.4 kB, 540x960 - viewed 3 times.)
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