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HR Management System / ATTENDANCE / PAYROLL / ASSET Management System v.3.0
ronaldsystem: 3 months ago
MAGANDANG ARAW MGA KA pinoyden at sa ating mga admin, welcome nyu naman po ako bago lang ako d2.
Share kulang itong Ginawa kong HRms / ATTENDANCE log / PAYROLL / ASSET management system para sa inyung business.

Default Credentials:
un: manager pw: blank
un: payroll pw: blank
un: hr pw: blank

Message lang kayu guys kung magpapalagay kayu ng logo or mag papalit kayu ng logo.

tutorial po na sa YOUTUBE: search nyu lang "ronald rabanes"
1.) Download the viewer and install: [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
2.) Download & Open: [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login] Resource Payroll System Final.rar?dl=0
3.) Install Barcode Font

-show employees birthdays and personal information
-generate id
-show employees time logs
-earnings & deductions
-account receivable
-posted payroll
-monitor leave
-set schedule
-import certificates / awards / memo /ir
-show asset management
-generate payroll system
-scan barcodes
-edit & add time
-show posted payroll
-and more hindi ko na isaisahin kayu na mag explore
-for training just contact me: / 09231158644

How to generate manual payroll.
1.) Go to Human Resource > Menu Go To > Adjust Attendance Log > Search Employee > New Record > Set the desire Date.
2.) Go back to Payroll / Payslip System Find the Employee

Maraming Salamat...

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vAnS28: 2 months ago
Filemaker Developer ka boss?
ronaldsystem: 2 months ago
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Filemaker Developer ka boss?

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