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Easy 5$ from Lazybucks Weekly FREE with Proof as of March 5, 2021
Jimamayas: 1 month ago
It Connect your Facebook account with professional marketers and start making real money with minimum effort. (Ire-rent po ng lazybucks yung fb account for Ads Pages)


👉CP-Kiwi browser or download any browser that can support browser extension.
👉PC-chrome or download any browser that can support browser extension.
👉Gcash Account (Need Verified)
👉Payoneer Account (Verified for faster withdrawal)(pwede kahit hindi verified)
👉Lazybucks Register here==> [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
👉facebook account at least 2 years old na hindi pa nagamit sa business ads at atleast 200+ friends
👉VPN (Any VPN na my US, Singapore Server) Epr隚 VPN po gamit ko (download lang kayo sa playstore)

➡️Procedure on Creating Payoneer Account!

✓Create an account on Gcash dapat verified.
✓Click mo yung My linked accounts tapos hanapin ang Payoneer kasi dun tayo mag wi-withdraw para sa Lazybucks.
✓Create account on payoneer pili ka Gcash or bank Account tapos fill-up info.(Optional ang bank account)

➡️Procedure on Creating Lazybucks Account! Register here ==> [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]

✓Connect muna sa vpn nyo kasi hindi pwedeng PH IP address bago kayo mag register sa lazybucks. not available daw.(Always connect to VPN pag inoopen ang facebook para ndi madetect na suspicious ang log in mo at para pag na approved ang lazybucks account hindi malalag out ung fb mo)
✓Open nyo EXPRESS VPN ito gamit ko ngayon connect kayo sa Singapore SERVER. Kung naka pc kayo hanap kayo Ng vpn para sa PC na my Singapore Server
✓ Creat Lazybucks account make sure na nka connect na kayo kung hindi masasayang lang Ang email nyo.
✓fill up information.
✓After nyo maverify ung Lazybucks Log in lang then
✓May lalabas sa Page ng Lazybucks about extension need Download at in-Enable nyo.
✓Log in your facebook
✓Punta sa profile account ng Lazybucks
✓ fill up info. lahat nung requirement , such as Facebook Details and Payoneer email address para sa payment.

Then Voila! Just wait less than 1 month or kung swerte 2 days lang approved na ang account.
Tips habang naghihintay ng approval lagi nyong i open yung account nyo ng naka connect sa VPN para mabilis ma approved based on my experience.
Comment lang po kayo kung my tanong.

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