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Use your Facebook to make MONEY (100% Working w/ Tutorial & Proof of Payment)
xtianbalagtas: 4 days ago
If you want to check the photos and links you can download this file:
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What Is LazyBucks?
LazyBucks is a technology that connects professional marketers with Facebook users worldwide, allowing them to test different ads with different markets. Giving users the option to make money by renting their fb account.


What do I get when using LazyBucks?
Once your account is approved, We give you real cash rewards for every day you are being connected to our extension.

How much money can I make with LazyBucks?
There’s no limit to how much you can earn. You will get a weekly payments according to your country from the date of your approval.

How does it work?
Once you have LazyBucks extension installed in your desktop browser, it works in the background. You'll see it in your browser toolbar that you can click on to see your balance at any time. Make sure to keep the extension installed and to stay sign in to your FB account.

How is this possible?
Online marketers are constantly looking for creative ways to test their ads globally. By connecting them with users world wide, they can easily test their campaigns to get better results.
What's the catch? There isn't a catch, Marketers Pay us, We pay you. Simple as that.
Is LazyBucks safe?
We take your security and privacy very seriously. We encrypt all communications so that no-one can listen in. We encrypt your password on our servers so that it cannot be read by anyone it shouldn't be. We don't share your data with anyone else without your permission. By using Payonner to cash out your rewards we don't hold any of your financial information.


What are the requirements to use LazyBucks
In order for your Facebook account to be eligible:
1. It should be created at least 2 years ago
2. It should have more than 100 friends
3. You should be older than 18 years old
4. It shouldn’t have a used Ad Account or Business Manager (past promotions)
5. Have a real photo of you on the profile


Our technology connects professional marketers with Facebook users worldwide, allowing them to test different ads with different markets. Giving you the option to make serious cash by renting your fb account.

-Sign Up And Download Our Extension
-Once you easily sign up you can download our extension to get into your dashboard.
-Account Approval

Our team will make sure you are eligible; this should take up to 1 month.

Receive Payments
Once you are approved, you can follow your payments in our dashboard and cash out whenever you need.


How to JOIN?
Pili kayo kung PC or Phone gagamitin niyo kapag phone dapat supported ang extension as browser like KIWI or YANDEX
1. Download URBAN VPN (Available in android or pc)
2. Use SINGAPORE location in the URBAN VPN

Advantage when you sign up here, mas mabilis ma approve yung account niyo kasi approved na agad account ko
4. After Signing Up open your email address to confirm your account then complete the information needed.
5. If they are looking for an extension download the extension needed. Kung hindi niyo mahanap punta kayo sa EXTENSIONS tapos search PROUSERS then ADD/INSTALL
6. Wait 3 - 5 Days for Lazybucks to approve your account mag email sila sa inyo ng your account is now APPROVED.


7. When your account is already approved go to PROFILE and put your PAYONEER email address.

*Kapag may na encounter kayo na error like "Your country is not available" gamit kayo ng ibang VPN at BROWSER.


Para saan si PAYONEER?
Dito niyo ilalabas yung sahod niyo galing kay LAZYBUCKS
Yung PAYONEER account niyo hindi kelangan na verified.

1. SIGN UP muna kayo dito: SIGN UP PAYONEER
2. After niyo makagawa punta kayo sa SETTINGS> BANK ACCOUNTS> ilagay niyo diyan yung bank na gusto niyo or pwede rin GCASH pero dapat verified account niyo sa GCASH.


Sa mga gustong ito ang option ng withdrawal nila ganito ang gagawin.
kung wala pa kayong GCASH, register here: GCASH SIGN UP

1. Pumunta kayo sa GCASH app
2. Sa left part open niyo yung LINK ACCOUNTS
3. Hanapin niyo yung PAYONEER then LOGIN kayo
4. CONFIRM niyo lang tapos ok na yan linked na sa GCASH sa PAYONEER


After APPROVAL ng ACCOUNT niyo may makikita kayo na ganito sa pages ng FACEBOOK niyo


wag niyo nalang galawin yung page at wag po kayo mag alala kasi hindi makikita ng friends niyo sa FB yan.
sa mga natatakot gamitin yung FB Account nila yung sa akin 2009 account ko pa ito so meaning di ko naman irisk ang FB ko kung hindi ito legit.


If di pa approve account niyo within 3-5days try niyo sila imessage dito [You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]
para mas mabilis nila maasikaso yung account niyo. Tell them the date of your sign up and why your account is not yet approved.

hackme: 3 days ago
may proof of payment ka na dito lods at need mo ba mag invest?
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