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Freebies and Contest Guidelines
WishMaster: 11 years ago
ATTN : All PD Member,

We notice that some of our kaPD members were initiating  contest and we are happy that you guys gave enjoyment to our fellow pdneans on that. In every contest here in pinoyden, there must be a prize for  those  proclaimed as winner.

In Every contest, The author should clearly states the contest guidelines. This includes the following.
•   Contest prize ei: medal, reputations, mobile prepaid credits etc.
•   Should have contest time line. Start and End of the contest
•   Should have brief instructions on the contest.
•   Contest should be organize ei: Entry Post only, Contest discussions thread and Polls.

        We will make our contest official. We suggest that the author should ask the community administrator “aED” first approval on every contest as he only have the power to grant prize specially medals. In the absence of our administrator let this usernames below review the contest proposal as this users are currently have the power to moderate Freebies and Contest  section. The followings are:

1.   annapotpot        Muse /Co-Admin
2.   rbsoriano           Super Moderator
3.   sucram           Super Moderator
4.   WishMaster   Super Moderator
5.     benjie_03          Super Moderator

Note: Without the administrators and Other staffs approval. The contest will be declared invalid and subject for deletion without notice.

Yours truly,

~ WishMaster

rbsoriano: 11 years ago
Update 1   :    April 13, 2010

All contests which will be voted via poll feature of the forum should now be changed into poll-vote system. Meaning, votes will now be counted as posts by every member. Eligibility of voters and the Rules of Voting shall be determined by the contest host and will be posted in the voting thread of the contest.


Those who are eligible to vote are the following:

* All users who are registered before April 1, 2010.
* All users having 100 posts in this forum.

This notice is addressed to:

* Moderators - To edit or remove any contests which does not apply this new rule.
* Members - To be informed of the new rule.


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