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[MUST READ] Newbie Guide lines. Updated 23 Dec 2010
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WishMaster: 10 years ago
Dear newly registered member,

Basic informations

Mobile Zone

UBT / FBT Zones
johnscan1982: 10 years ago
First to read and reply for this message. Thanks a lot for this guidelines.
Jamitot19: 10 years ago
And im second :saludo:
B0ler0: 10 years ago
Salamat p0 sa guidelines:-)
deathsender: 10 years ago
Ang linaw ng pagkaka explain :) :ty: dito SM
bladen: 10 years ago
sorry kung nagkamali. di na po uulit. thank you for reminding. rules are rules.
mr_itou: 10 years ago
thanks po s guidline..
kranly23: 10 years ago
Nabasa ko na po ang pd rules. Salamat po.
Jobani12: 10 years ago
Salmat po sa guide lines :P
silen2o: 10 years ago

:thumbsup: clear ..
:ty: po
zakcry: 10 years ago
salamat po sa mga guidelines mater sir!
bug0y41: 10 years ago
thx sa guidelines

akieQu: 10 years ago
Sir Salamat po sa guidelines :D. God Bless po!

bulog: 10 years ago
Salamat po sa paalala at paunawa.
Freddieaxe: 10 years ago
Salamat po sir..kailangan ko po ng trick sa om 4.2 handler, smart subscriber..
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