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 Introduce yourself
 WishMaster: [MUST READ] Newbie Guide lines. Updated 23 Dec 2010
 demonslayer: newbie here
 roemp25: Newbie po. Thanks sa Pinoy Den
 onesize: re-introduce myself!
 jekzduarte: New Here!
 ADM1NISTRAIT0R: good to be back
 blackieangel192: I'm Not Newbie pero This is my first day to be back
 chab3lle: New member
 Ann.Tok: Bagong luma
 Execute_jv143: New born
 PromacBorgz: Newbie here✌️
 jackass250: newbie here
 joecin: Newbie here!
 junpogi: newbie pero oldtimer na here haha
 aqtcEnkei18: Newbie Ulit
 reudano102191: POST
 genthaiz: Newbie
 pnash01: bagong salta lang po
 caycay26: newbie here
 bendyong: kumusta
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