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 jinniwa: Suggest avatars 4 wap version.
 jonkimnicko: Bkit ganun? Plaging wap version lumalabs?
 superben: My Suggestions
 dhUgz: no thank button?
 scripted: game review area.
 dhUgz: board for the guests
 sucram: trash
 komiks0916: About the site's wap version..
 jinniwa: Smilies Cannot appear on WAP Version
 sucram: ban from chat box
 metaldragon17: About Flash games
 sucram: theme section
 sucram: about FONTS
 jinniwa: WAP version.. suggestion
 marcmallow: mali spelling ng "receive"
 padrepio: E-Book Section (Where to Post?)
 rockera: How to thank your katambays?
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